Festivals story posters (celebration pack)

The celebrations pack is no longer available. Instead, our awrd-winning 'story posters' may now be purchased individually.

"The posters manage with great skill and charm to capture the spirit of the cultures from which they come while remaining accessible to children from other cultures." Nursery World

These stunning heavily laminated A2 'story posters' accompany A Child's Eye View of Festivals DVD Plus titles. They have been designed for reading aloud to young children - with images on one side and the story specially written for young children, on the reverse. They tell the story of each festival in five beautiful illustrations.

  • Hold a poster on your knee, with the pictures facing towards the children, then read the story of the festival out loud, from the back of the poster
  • After hearing the story a few times, children enjoy pointing to the pictures in order , and telling the story in their own words.
  • KS 1 children can try reading the story on the back of the poster, for themselves.
  • Children can talk about what the people in the pictures could be saying or thinking. Then children can stick paper speech or thinking bubbles next to the pictures, with Blu-tak, without damaging the poster.
  • Perfect as part of displays and for Family Workshops e.g. peg up several posters on a washing line.

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