safer stranger, safer buildings campaign

What to do if you get lost or feel unsafe outside

Practical Preschool Gold Award

The film 'Teigan gets lost' has been made by Child's Eye Media to explain the Safer strangers, safer buildings code to children as young as three.

The Teigan gets lost film

Part 1 shows 6-year old Teigan using the code when she gets lost in a supermarket.

Part 2 shows Greater Manchester policewoman PC Helena Hodgson (who helped to develop the initiative) explaining the Safer strangers, safer buildings strategy to a group of school children.

‘Teigan gets lost’ is one of several child-friendly, award-winning films specially produced by Child's Eye Media to get across tricky messages to children without worrying them.
The other films are:
Street safety with Teigan (about the Green Cross Code and meeting a dog for the first time)
Daisy’s and Mikey’s fireworks party
Morgan at the seaside

India’s Sunday funday (about keeping healthy).

The film ‘Teigan gets lost’ features in both of the following compilations:


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