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'I have found all six 'A Child's Eye View of the World' DVDs an outstanding teaching resource for nursery and up to Year 6 in primary schools. I have also used the 'Festivals' DVDs in secondary schools as an introduction to word faiths. Pupils and staff respond with great interest immediately when I have shown them in classrooms, in assemblies and INSET sessions. The use of young children to present each film, the guaranteed quality of the product, great value for money and excellent educational content supports successful learning and teaching. I would recommend every practitioner and teacher to use the Child's Eye Media series of DVDs Plus as an essential part of their teaching toolkit!'

Eric Cohen, EC Educational Consultancy

'Child's Eye Media's acclaimed documentaries and accompanying resources are an invaluable tool for all those working with young children. The distinctive 'child's eye view' makes the world uniquely accessible - whether the children are finding out about festivals, the jobs grown-ups do or how to keep safe and healthy. All the films are a wonderful stimulus for both child-initiated and adult-led active learning experiences'.

Terry Gould, EYFS and KS1 Consultant and teacher trainer

'These DVDs are fantastic, I have two children aged 3 & 6 and they both love them. I think they are fascinated by the everyday nature of the subjects covered. They visit the dentist and then love to watch the dentist episode when they get back, the same with the doctor and the car mechanic etc The children in the films get to find out all the exciting bits that we never get to see – I never thought delivering a letter was so interesting!

The films are simply put together at exactly the right level for the children. The fact that the programmes are hosted by children makes them even more accessible and following the ‘do it at home/ nursery’ segment is a source of inspiration and great fun once the film has ended. We also like the voiceover!

Nicola Morrow, Mum-in-Charge

A child's eye view of
nurses and doctors

‘My four and a half year old daughter absolutely loved 'A child's eye view of nurses and doctors'. She was enthralled by it. Afterwards we had our own game of Doctors and I could see how much of the dvd had been absorbed by her. Thanks for making it so accessible to young children.’

Angela Griffin, Television actress

A child's eye view of
keeping healthy, staying safe

‘A Child’s Eye View of Keeping Healthy, Staying Safe' is Kira's favourite DVD - she would rather watch this than any of her animated DVDs.  She even chose to take it with her on a weekend away, so she could share it with her friends!  It has given her a real interest in safety issues.  When we are out at the supermarket, she talks about what she would do if she lost sight of me, she tells people off for running across the road and she knows exactly where our smoke alarms are!  The DVD is perfectly pitched to engage and inform young children and I would highly recommend it to all parents.’

Dr. Alice Redhead, mother of Kira aged 3

‘* * * * * (5/5). I tested this DVD with a year 2 class and found it to be excellent. I will definitely be using this resource again and again, so it is great value for money.’

Ally Spring, 5 to 7 Magazine

'The 'story' of ' India's Sunday funday' is beautifully told and the key messages are clear but not 'preached' , with realistic illustrations of what a portion of fruit and vegetables consists of'.

Gill Rapley, founder of BLW, the Baby-led weaning approach.

'An excellent resource! It covered so many areas of safety and was done in a way which was child friendly and easy to understand and relate to. The children enjoyed listening to others of their age range explaining safety on their level, and it really emphasised important issues. It is extremely well thought out with lots of references to other areas of learning. We will use this resource time and time again, and it is extremely helpful and really appealed to the children throughout the trial’.

Practical Preschool Awards panel.

‘This new DVD is excellent. Young children will understand and enjoy learning the safety messages, which are portrayed in an effective and entertaining way. Kidscape’s philosophy has always been to teach children in a low key, positive manner – this DVD does that skilfully and brilliantly. It should be in every school in the UK.’

by Michele Elliott, Executive Director, Kidscape

‘An excellent resource for PSHE, with great links to other curriculum areas too’.

Sarah Crossland, Bleasby CE Primary School

‘This DVD on health and safety for youngsters is informative and a pleasure to watch with new information building on prior knowledge. My daughter, aged eight, commented that the adult voiceover helped her to understand about safety in simple words and explanations. The tone of the narrator’s voice and humour made it fun and interesting to watch and she wanted to learn more and the CD activities were pretty cool too!.’

by Isabella Hutchin, TES Review Bank

‘The children loved it! A thoroughly informative, interesting and educational DVD.’

Mrs V Houghton, First Class day Nursery, Essex.

‘The Keeping healthy, staying safe DVD is fantastic! The children were very engaged when watching it. It helped consolidate all the work we had been doing in the classroom. Keep the new DVDs coming!’

Catherine Donaghy, St Georges C of E Primary, Cheshire

‘Brilliant – ties in with all the latest government initiatives.’

Karen Stroud, Reception teacher, Fosters Primary School, Kent.

‘Very informative, child-friendly and easily understood.’

Miss A Green, Thomas A Becket First School.

‘A well made set of films covering important issues. Really clearly explained for children. An excellent resource for PHSE with great links to other curriculum areas too!’

Sarah Crossland, Bleasby C.E. Primary School.

A child's eye view of
people who help us

‘A fantastic resource not only for the Foundation Stage, but also for Key Stage One too. The DVD is excellent and child-friendly, with lots of information for teachers too! Thank you for producing a great pack!’

Nicola Morris, KS1 teachers, Birmingham.

‘We had a visit from a policeman, then we showed ‘Ian and the Police’. Since then, the children’s role-play has been fantastic! They know exactly what to do, by themselves - usually we have to lead them. Well done, a brilliant resource!’

L. Kennedy, Buckden Primary School, St Neot’s, Cambs.

'We were given the Fire fighters DVD as a present for our 2 and a half year old son and are delighted with it. He and his friends are completely smitten and can watch it over and over again with no sign of their interest waning any time soon. One of the charms of this DVD is that it is made from the child's piont of view, and the knowledge it imparts seems to really engage the children. I think in their heads they feel like they are along for the trip to the fire station depicted in the film. Our little one and his friends can now tell you in perfect detail how a fire station works, what hydrants are and do and so on. I really can't recommend this highly enough. Brilliant!'

Emil T, father.

'My two sons love their Child's Eye DVDs. They learn so much from them about the world and the films also give them great ideas about what they might want to be when they grow up!'

Nigel B, parent

‘ "People who help us" is a time-honoured topic for work with young children. This friendly resource pack offers a number of attractive innovations. To the familiar roles – police and community support officers, firefighters, postal workers – it adds refuse collectors and recyclers. Each job is illustrated in a film that lasts just under a quarter of an hour, with an additional five minutes showing the "helpers" in school, as children act out some of the roles – going to the rescue in a police helicopter, building a post office, checking the fire engine. There’s a catchy song for each of these sections too... Photocopiable clipboard sheets will give children plenty to think about, as they interview witnesses who describe a missing teddy bear, note down telephone numbers to help the fire brigade and fill in a "sorry you were out" form for the residents of the dolls’ house.’

Tom Deveson, Times Educational Supplement Review bank

A child's eye view of
people who help us 2

‘The children thoroughly enjoyed ‘ Ruby and the healthworkers’as it was very child-friendly. They retained a lot of information. The school section gave the children lots of ideas and motivation to help set up a medical centre in our own classroom. The children keep asking to watch other sections of the DVD..’

Clare Walsh, St. Malachy’s Primary Schoool.


‘Our children really enjoyed the films and the DVD also helped us with our planning. An excellent resource. Thank you very much..’

L. Kinsella, Normanhurst Day Nursery, Kingsley, Northampton.

‘Both the Nursery and Reception classes have found both ‘People who help us’ DVDs invaluable for the delivery of our topic-based work. They are extremely child-friendly and informative, and along with visits from actual policemen, firefighters, post lady and lollipop lady, the children have had their imaginations and learning brought to life. As staff, we also found the excerpts from a working nursery/Early Years setting very useful. The sharing of good practice has enabled us to develop our role-play for both indoors and outdoors. The children were also able to relate to this with comments such as ‘We do that!’ or ‘We have one of those’ or even ‘Can we do that in our hospital? Etc.’.

Sue McGahey, Cale Green Primary, Stockport.

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