Child’s Eye Media scoop Royal Television Society Award

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Children’s TV production company, Child’s Eye Media, has won a prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) Award for a series of educational films which give a unique child’s eye view of real people at work.

‘Little Angels’ psychologist Professor Tanya Byron presented the RTS Educational Television Award for best programme for young children to Child’s Eye Media for their ‘People Who Help Us’ films, at BAFTA on Monday evening, 15 June 2009.

 The RTS Awards are the gold standard of achievement in the television community, and recognise excellence across the entire range of programme making and broadcasting skills.

The ‘Child’s Eye View of People Who Help Us’ series provides a child-friendly view of the adult world of work, featuring mini-reporters (aged 3-8) who find out what it’s like to be a fire fighter, police officer, postal worker, doctor, dentist, vet, refuse collector and recycler and car rescuer.

Each film features workers giving children an insight into their jobs, and the special equipment they use for their work. The films aim to fire children’s imagination, stimulate their vocabulary, develop their knowledge and understanding of the world and inspire role play.

Judges commented, “Child’s Eye Media’s winning series is a clever way of looking at careers, through a child's eyes, and it was well shot at child level. It provided lots of jumping off points for a teacher, with cross curricular opportunities, including role play.”

Katy Jones, MD of Child’s Eye Media said, “We’re delighted to have won this award and grateful to everyone involved in the making of the films. It’s great that the jury recognise the importance of producing documentaries that reflect a child’s eye view of the world’.

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