New Child's Eye Channel for EYFS and KSI

Child’s Eye sets up new video channel for EYFS and KSI

Child’s Eye Media is currently trialing the exciting new ‘Child’s Eye Channel’ with education authorities around the country.

More than 8 local authorities have signed up for the trial so far – allowing them to access a wide range of Child’s Eye Media’s multi award-winning films, teachers’ notes, and downloadable activity sheets online via their Learning Platforms.

The films and resources have been richly praised by educational experts for the way they capture children’s imaginations, inspire role play, and feed their hunger for information about the world around them.

The broadcast quality films are distinctive because they are all shot from a child’s eye view. Instead of being clip-based, like many on-line videos currently available, they are carefully narrated films which use traditional film making skills to tell stories featuring real children exploring the world around them. Young children’s brains are hard-wired for narrative. Using a story structure to present new information to them is a powerful way of helping them to ‘map’ the world.

The films cover classic themes for the EYFS and KS1, including multicultural festivals, people who help us, keeping safe and healthy, and wild animals. They are suitable for both the EYFS and KS1.

The films and accompanying resources have won numerous awards, including the Royal Television Society Award for best educational programme for young children, and the Overall Winner in the Multimedia category of the Practical Preschool Awards.

By making them available on Learning Platforms, children will be able to access them from home as well as at school.

Educational Director, Linda Mort comments ‘New technology is opening up all kinds of new possibilities for developing children’s learning. Making resources available digitally means there are so many opportunities for children, families and teachers to use them as a catalyst for further child-led learning. We know that children love to watch our films again and again. They will be able to watch them in their own time, as well as with their whole class or even school.’

To find out how your school can access the Child’s Eye Channel, please email

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