BT Seen and Heard Award

BT Seen and Heard Awards

PC Helena Hodgson and Child’s Eye Media have received national recognition for their Safer strangers, safer buildings campaign.

The campaign, which was launched at the House of Commons and is supported by MPs, children’s charities and the Association of Chief Police Officers, has won a BT Seen and Heard Award. Run in partnership with the UK Youth Parliament, the Awards celebrate the work of young people and adults who use communication skills to make a better world. The teenage judges on the panel commented that the campaign’s message and film are very empowering because they feature young children, and that the judges’ own younger sisters and brothers would certainly be helped by the campaign. The Seen and Heard Awards are part of BT’s Better World campaign, which aims to help young people use communication to make a better world.

The Safer strangers, safer buildings campaign was devised by PC Helena Hodgson, a Youth and Community Liaison Officer for Greater Manchester Police. Based on Home Office guidance, the code gives children an immediate strategy to know what to do if they get lost or feel unsafe, and also helps families, carers and teachers to talk about these issues with their children without worrying them. Child’s Eye Media have produced a film, Teigan gets lost, in which 6 year-old Teigan gets lost in a supermarket and uses the Safer strangers, safer buildings code. Child’s Eye Media have made the film available free to watch on their website, together with a printable version of the code with further information and advice.

For further information , please go to BT Better World

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