Broken finger bone X-rays

See a real plastic surgeon looking at an x-ray on an illuminated x-ray viewing box, in the Nurses and doctors film ( Part 1, Chapter 6 ) – Home learning version, or on the People who help us 2 compilation DVD plus. See the children’s own ‘x-ray department’ in their ‘hospital’ in Part 2, Chapter 5 of the film.

Ideas for using the ‘Broken finger bone X-rays’

Make an ‘X-ray viewing box’, using a torch, as follows:
Cut out the front and back panels of a cereal packet, leaving a ‘frame’ round the edges to give strength to the ‘viewing box’.
Print off the ‘Broken finger bone X-rays’ sheet and attach to the front of the box using sticky tape. Stand the box on a table and place an upturned container which is about 10cm deep (e.g. a plastic ice-cream carton), approximately 15 cm behind the box. Place a lantern torch on top of the container and switch on the torch to illuminate the ‘X-rays’.

Encourage the ‘patient’ to say how they broke their finger.

The ‘X-rays’ could be used as a development of small-world ‘accidents’, e.g. a road accident on the car mat, or a ‘ski-ing fall’ involving a playperson ‘skier’ attached with sticky tape to two lollipop sticks, ‘ski-ing’ down a wooden plank covered in a shiny white plastic tablecloth.

For further details about how broken bones heal, please see the digital booklet accompanying the DVD.

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