‘Instantly fascinating! ..A must have for early years – but be warned, year 1 and 2 teachers will have their beady eyes on it too!’

Pam Turnbull,, Primary Choice Magazine. 

‘Festivals and Festivals 2 are excellent resources, enabling teachers and young children to gain accurate insight into the world’s major festivals. Children can easily relate the practices shown to their own life experience, whether they belong to a faith group or not. The ‘real life’ aspect of the films ensures that the different festivals become relevant and accessible to the young child – a marvellous achievement… The films showing the preparation, the excitement and enjoyment of other young children encourages empathy and understanding. The pace, tone and clarity of the narrator is ideal to keep the young child engaged and focussed. The DVD format allows for use in different settings and groupings, from small groups with laptops to projected images for classroom or assembly. The posters, simple story and print materials, are useful for displays or to revisit this part of the festival. This resource successfully presents information to young children, providing opportunities to recognise similarities and differences with the chosen festivals’.

Jenni Watts, RE Today 

‘These are the best resources I have ever bought!’

Rosemary Atkins, Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School, Herts 

‘In each case, a short documentary-style programme follows a young child celebrating the festival at home and at school. The strength of this approach is that it shows the celebrations in context. The children are presented as part of a wider community. The customs may seem excotic, but they are shown against the familiar backdrop of Southall, Manchester and Liverpool. And the range of activities – at home and at school – with parents, neighbours and classmates – helps to get across the rich and varied nature of each celebration. The school activities provide plenty of opportunities for first-hand experience. Children wonder at baby chicks, plant little gardens and make music. And, although the programmes are aimed at very young children, there is a real spiritual dimension…As part of the celebration of the Buddhist festival of Wesak, children make a thinking house where they can sit and meditate. During Lent they make a promises tree and think about becoming a better person. Highly recommended’

Dinah Starkey, Times Educational Supplement 

‘Truly inspirational, because the films are shot through the eyes of children’.

Kat Lamb, Marcham C of E Primary School, Oxfordshire 

‘Superb..What makes the films so powerful is the role given to children. We see festivals through their eyes and you get a real sense of being part of their world and wanting to join in. These resources have been richly praised and it is easy to see why. They celebrate and communicate diversity perfectly and engender an excitement and appreciation in young learners for the lifestyles and traditions of others. The films have been very well thought out and expertly made…. They are informative, full of life and contain some delightful moments and experiences for children to share in. ..…After watching one of the Festivals collections you feel on a bit of a high. You want to use it because you know it will make a difference…Excellent’.

John Dabell, TES Review 

‘We were delighted to finally find an excellent resource that would help us engage young children in talking about religious festivals…These DVDs help our children to relate to the material because they feature children just like them! The story posters enable them to extend this to literacy work, either through speaking and listening, or, for older children, for reading work and as a further stimulus for writing.’

Mrs E Clover, Headteacher, Park Rd Primary School, Sale 

‘Excellent. A great companion to the first production. This Festivals DVD, with the informative supporting notes, will be very helpful for practitioners in early years settings and schools. There is a great need for materials that approach celebrations respectfully and through the experience of children themselves. Across the UK, each early years curriculum framework highlights the importance that all children learn a positive pride in the cultural background of their own family, and faith when appropriate. Young children need to start with themselves: they need and deserve a firm basis of confidence that they and their family are respected. Then, four and five year-olds are able to develop understanding, and informed respect, for experiences within cultures less familiar to them. Child’s Eye Media have succeeded with their Festivals DVDs in bringing alive important celebrations through the family life of real children.’

Jennie Lindon, Early years specialist , author 

‘A wonderful religious education resource. The video introduces young children to the Catholic Church's celebration of Easter. The portrayal is accurate, sensitive and respectful. It will foster the development of children's understanding of festivals and stimulate creative teaching in the early years classroom.’

Fr. Joseph A. Quigley, National Religious Education Adviser 

‘The Network of Sikh Organisations UK welcomes this Child’s Eye’s presentation of the Sikh festival of Vaisakkhi. It is well researched and attractively presented’

Dr Indarjit Singh, Director of the Network of Sikh Organisations 

‘Because the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter are so well known, there is always a danger that they are presented in a 'run of the mill' way. This DVD brings a freshness to the festivals which is grounded in the realities of young children's lives and well linked through to the Bible accounts themselves. The production standards are very professional and fit for purpose. The DVD is very stimulating and positive.I warmly commend the resource for use with young children.’

The Revd Dr John Gay, Church of England's Spokesman on Education 

'Excellent! A clear and easy to understand introduction to Buddhism....Very well done.'

Venerable Chueh Yann Shih , International Buddhist Progress Society 

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