‘A most engaging DVD and, as it says in the title, truly ‘A child’s eye view of keeping healthy and staying safe'. Four scenarios are depicted, looking at beach safety, fire safety, keeping healthy, street safety and getting lost. Each of the stories have a resident expert in their field, an in house classroom activity and a reaffirming song for the children to remember the clear health and safety message that is being conveyed. First up, fire safety – it looks interesting, at a glance showing firework safety in a familiar family environment. There are two children involved: Mikey and Daisy, aged three to five years, together with their families and an on-duty fire fighter. General fire safety in the home is discussed involving the older primary school children. The children are taught … consider safety when using matches, with close adult supervision that is stressed in a down to earth manner using child friendly language supporting the learning. Connecting the learning is helped by inspiring a good family and community atmosphere in the form of a firework party. The children and adults are involved in preparing for the party by inviting friends and neighbours, making the food, choosing and purchasing the fireworks and later with the fire fighter the 'do's and don'ts of setting up the firework display in the garden. With careful questioning and answering techniques, the understanding about fire safety is embedded in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere conducive to learning. The children are keen to show what they know, their knowledge retention is improved and the importance of their learning is valued and supported by their adult role models. Opportunities to involve the community outside of the school environment promotes citizenship and good community relations. At school, the teacher reiterates the important safety message through some student led activities in a learning game focusing on household domestic appliances based on ‘what is hot?’ and ’what is not?’. This form of engagement allows the children to use their tacit knowledge on the subject of safety as a whole. Together with a visit from a fire fighter in uniform and with excellent use of a familiar visual aid - a dolls’ house, the correct positioning of smoke alarms is discussed and then placed in the dolls’ house by the children. Finally the understanding is reaffirmed with a ‘friendly elephant’ mascot showing how you can be safe. Memory skills are developed with a musical chant to sing along to ‘matches and lighters never touch, they can hurt you very much’. There is a brief evaluation at the end establishing the teaching and learning – which was a nice touch. Each scenario is told with clear narrative and with hands on contributions from students, teachers, skilled experts and other family and community involvement. This DVD on health and safety for youngsters is informative and a pleasure to watch with new information building on prior knowledge. My daughter, aged eight, commented that the adult voiceover helped her to understand about safety in simple words and explanations. The tone of the narrator’s voice and humour made it fun and interesting to watch and she wanted to learn more and the CD activities were pretty cool too!’

Isabella Hutchin, TES Review bank 

‘This new DVD is excellent. Young children will understand and enjoy learning the safety messages, which are portrayed in an effective and entertaining way. Kidscape’s philosophy has always been to teach children in a low key, positive manner – this DVD does that skilfully and brilliantly. It should be in every school in the UK.’

Michele Elliott, Executive Director, Kidscape 

‘The children loved it! A thoroughly informative, interesting and educational DVD.’

Mrs V Houghton, First Class day Nursery, Essex. 

'Brilliant – ties in with all the latest government initiatives.'

Karen Stroud, Reception teacher, Fosters Primary School, Kent. 

‘Very informative, child-friendly and easily understood,’

Miss A Green, Thomas A Becket First School 

‘A well made set of films covering important issues. Really clearly explained for children. An excellent resource for PHSE with great links to other curriculum areas too!’.

Sarah Crossland, Bleasby C.E. Primary School. 

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