‘The children were glued to the series and wanted to watch every one!’

Practical Preschool Award tester 2007 

‘A fantastic resource not only for the Foundation Stage, but also for Key Stage One too. The DVD is excellent and child-friendly, with lots of information for teachers too! Thank you for producing a great pack!’

Nicola Morris, KS1 teachers, Birmingham. 

‘The DVD and information booklet are absolutely fab! They are very clear and detailed and give extra ideas for role play’.

Teresa Sutherland, Registered and accredited childminder. 

‘We had a visit from a policeman, then we showed ‘Ian and the Police’. Since then, the children’s role-play has been fantastic! They know exactly what to do, by themselves - usually we have to lead them. Well done, a brilliant resource!’

L. Kennedy, Buckden Primary School, St Neot’s, Cambs. 

‘Both the Nursery and Reception classes have found both ‘People who help us’ DVDs invaluable for the delivery of our topic-based work. They are extremely child-friendly and informative, and along with visits from actual policemen, firefighters, post lady and lollipop lady, the children have had their imaginations and learning brought to life. As staff, we also found the excerpts from a working nursery/Early Years setting very useful. The sharing of good practice has enabled us to develop our role-play for both indoors and outdoors. The children were also able to relate to this with comments such as ‘We do that!’ or ‘We have one of those’ or even ‘Can we do that in our hospital?’ etc.

Sue McGahey, Cale Green Primary, Stockport. 

‘I congratulate Child’s Eye Media on producing such a wonderful resource as ‘Megan, Jamie and the refuse collectors and recyclers’. The DVD is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I am sure children across the country will be educated, entertained and enthused by it’.

Martin Allman, Waste Education Officer, Cumbria. 

‘Very child friendly and provided a lot of information which supported the children’s knowledge and understanding and fed into role play beautifully.’

Practical Preschool Award tester 2007 

‘Excellent quality and narration…clear, interesting, well balanced documentaries featuring young children central to each experience… The use of a child/children to ‘take the viewer’ through each experience works really well. The ‘school’ sections demonstrate how follow-up play can be set up easily, using materials and resources usually available ..The songs will be easily learned by children and will remind them of what they have seen, helping to keep their interest and to consolidate knowledge and understanding.’

Sandy Green, Early Years Consultant and Writer 

‘I watched the firefighters session with my class of Year 1 children. They were all inspired and enthusiastic, going home to their parents and getting them to check their smoke alarms! A very good resource which is an inspiration. Thank you!’

Catherine Billingham, KS1 teacher, Northamptonshire 

“People who help us” is a time-honoured topic for work with young children. This friendly resource pack offers a number of attractive innovations. To the familiar roles – police and community support officers, firefighters, postal workers – it adds refuse collectors and recyclers.Each job is illustrated in a film that lasts just under a quarter of an hour, with an additional five minutes showing the “helpers” in school, as children act out some of the roles – going to the rescue in a police helicopter, building a post office, checking the fire engine. There’s a catchy song for each of these sections too…..Photocopiable clipboard sheets will give children plenty to think about, as they interview witnesses who describe a missing teddy bear, note down telephone numbers to help the fire brigade and fill in a “sorry you were out” form for the residents of the dolls’ house.

Tom Deveson, Times Educational Supplement Review bank 

‘A great resource pack, the DVD provided a lot of valuable discussion and information. It provided ideas for the children to use in role-play situations. It enabled the children to develop their knowledge and understanding, language, literacy and communication skills’.

Practical Preschool Awards Tester. 

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