‘We have all enjoyed the DVD…and the children loved the X-ray machine and break-down vehicles!’

Bev Brookes, St. Lukes Pre-School, Glossop 

‘Very informative and child-friendly’

Miss A.Green, Thomas A’ Beckett first School 

‘The children thoroughly enjoyed ‘ Ruby and the healthworkers’as it was very child-friendly. They retained a lot of information. The school section gave the children lots of ideas and motivation to help set up a medical centre in our own classroom. The children keep asking to watch other sections of the DVD.’

Clare Walsh, St. Malachy’s Primary Schoool 

‘Made with children, for children, through the eyes of children,’

Dr Hannah Mortimer, Educational psychologist. 

‘The DVD was very child friendly and provided a lot of information which supported the children’s knowledge and understanding and fed into role play beautifully. The clipboard set, was age appropriate and the children enjoyed using them’.

Practical Preschool Awards tester 2007 

‘We really liked the idea that the children can see a real situation in preparation for their role play. If they are not able to get out of their setting to visit the real thing, this is the next best thing,’

Practical Preschool Awards tester 2007 

‘Both the Nursery and Reception classes have found both ‘People who help us’ DVDs invaluable for the delivery of our topic-based work. They are extremely child-friendly and informative, and along with visits from actual policemen, firefighters, post lady and lollipop lady, the children have had their imaginations and learning brought to life. As staff, we also found the excerpts from a working nursery/Early Years setting very useful. The sharing of good practice has enabled us to develop our role-play for both indoors and outdoors. The children were also able to relate to this with comments such as ‘We do that!’ or ‘We have one of those’ or even ‘Can we do that in our hospital? Etc’.

Sue McGahey, Cale Green Primary, Stockport. 

‘Our children really enjoyed the films and the DVD also helped us with our planning. An excellent resource. Thank you very much.’

L. Kinsella, Normanhurst Day Nursery, Kingsley, Northampton. 

‘The children enjoyed seeing how all the people who help us work in real life. Lots of discussion came from these DVDs.’

Mrs P Scard, Ecclestone, St Mary’s C of E Primary School. 

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