Child's Eye triumphs at 2010 Education Awards

Child’s Eye Media scores 100%!

Child’s Eye Media has triumphed at a series of educational awards recently, as overall winner of the Multi Media Category of both the 2010 Creative Play Awards, and also the Practical Preschool Awards 2010.

Child’s Eye Media’s new Safari Role Play pack gained the highest score (100%) out of all 500 products tested in this year’s Practical Preschool Awards.

Judges commented how impressed they were with the ‘unique and original’ resources, which included broadcast-quality documentaries shot from a child’s eye view, bespoke dressing up clothes, and ‘exceptional’ curriculum-linked teachers’ notes. The Safari Role Play Pack features two young children becoming safari keepers for the day at Knowsley Safari Park, and includes stunning footage of the animals at the safari park. The hour long documentary is accompanied by a beautiful set of costumes of animals featured in the film – including meerkat, rhino, elephant and baboon.

The unique new Young Writers' Role Play Pack also won a prestigious Gold Practical Preschool Award, as well as winning this year’s Creative Play awards. The pack harnesses the power of film and storytelling to excite children’s interest in learning to write. It includes a series of RTS Award-winning documentaries exploring the adult world of work from a child’s perspective. It also features printables such as role play sheets, which replicate forms used by adults in the films, and inspire children to write as they play. The pack includes 8 bespoke role play outfits (air support officer, doctor, firefighter, recycler, postal worker, car rescuer, vet ) and extensive teaching ideas.

The Creative Play Awards are dedicated to identifying and rewarding excellence in creative play products. Testers, who are all practitioners, described the Young Writers’ Role Play Pack as ‘Super resources!’

Managing Director, Katy Jones, expressed her delight at the results ‘We were thrilled to have been given such glowing endorsements by teachers who have tried and tested the resources with children in the classroom.’

Education Adviser and Literacy specialist Dr. Jonathan Doherty, describes the Young Writers’ Role Play Pack as ‘a first rate resource that will inspire and educate….With the attractive play outfits, role play in any setting will be transformed. One can almost hear the talking already and sense the excitement.’

Mark Townsend, EYE magazine, describes A child’s eye view of safari as ‘A fantastic addition to the ‘Child’s Eye View’ series, which brilliantly records the children’s delightful interactions with these amazing and beautiful creatures. Time and care is taken to introduce and explain new concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary. It includes an exceptionally wide range of ideas to support and extend learning. Suitable for use across EYFS and KS1. Highly recommended’.

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