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‘Superb! What makes the films so powerful is the role given to children. We see festivals through their eyes and you get a real sense of being part of their world and wanting to join in... The DVDs are informative, full of life and contain some delightful moments and experiences for children to share in... In the film "Ian’s Chinese New Year", the fantastic scene with Ian finding a lucky coin in his dumpling is worth its weight in gold! After watching one of the films you feel on a bit of a high. You want to use it because you know it will make a difference... Excellent!’

John Dabell, TES Review Bank


‘The best resources I have ever bought!’

Rosemary Atkins, Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School, Herts.

'We have really enjoyed using the Festivals and Festivals 2 DVds with Eraly Years and Key Stage 1 children. They put religion into a 'real life' context with real families. The stories and songs engage children working at all levels. The programmes have stimulated discussion and lots of creative work in the classroom.'

D. Murray, Evelyn CP School, Prescot, Merseyside

‘This is a delightful DVD and just the right length. It provides both information and raises questions for discussion. The contribution of outside coverage and children’s experiences in the home and in the classroom works really well. This is a valuable resource for all those working with young children – teachers, students in training, parents, practitioners in a variety of settings e.g. nursery and childcare staff - as well as being a good training resource’

Professor Lesley Abbott OBE

‘Truly inspirational because the films are all through the eyes of children’

Kat Lamb, Marcham Cof E Primary School

‘This is what we’ve been looking for! Great – child friendly, easy to watch, they give a real insight into celebrations, and lots of ideas for following up. We will constantly use them!’

Practical Pre-School Awards Tester

‘The festivals DVDs are worth every penny! I cannot praise them enough!’

TES Community Staffroom Forum member

‘We would like to say how wonderful we think the films are. We have used them with children aged 5-8 with moderate learning difficulties in a Special School. They gave the children and staff really good information and have led to a much greater understanding of the festivals. The films are a refreshingly new style of programming which have had a positive effect on the children’s learning.'

Sue Hamilton, Middleton School, Ware, Herts.

‘Love the films! My two children sit and watch them, and at work, the three and four-year olds love the Easter film – prompted lots of discussion. Thanks!’

Pip Otter, Children’s Centre Teacher, Notts.

‘Wonderful DVDs! They have made a vast difference to the children’s understanding of festivals, because they really bring to life the pictures and information in books’

Bernadette Downes, St. John Fisher School, Hackenthorpe

‘Wonderful DVDs! They have made a vast difference to the children’s understanding of festivals, because they really bring to life the pictures and information in books. The school ideas in the films have led to some lovely work!’

Bernadette Downes, St John Fisher School, Hackenthorpe

‘This is an excellent DVD, and represents one of the first serious attempts to capture the story of a British Muslim child experiencing the important religious festival of Eid. Accurate and sensitive, it will I believe help to foster understanding and respect amongst our children. I commend the producers of this production. Well done!’

Professor Aziz Sheikh, Muslim Council of Britain

‘The Hindu Forum of Britain are happy to endorse the 'Festivals' DVD, which we see as a valuable resource for diversity education. The delightful simplicity, the colourful images, the informative narration and the creative content will appeal to children growing up in our multi-cultural multi-faith country. Projects like these will increase respect and understanding between young minds from various faith communities by promoting the sharing of positive messages and increasing awareness of common values.’

Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary General Hindu Forum of Britain

‘A delightful compilation….that will give your target audience an insightful understanding of cultures from other parts of the world’.

Terri Lo , Executive Director, Chinese in Britain Forum

‘A truly joyful presentation of festivals in the religious lives of our neighbours. This DVD can only help our children understand their classmates in school’.

Rabbi Brian D. Fox, Menorah Synagogue

‘Wonderful! The portrayal of the Catholic Church’s celebration of Easter is accurate, sensitive and respectful’.

Fr. Joseph A. Quigley, National Religious Education Adviser

‘The Network of Sikh Organisations UK welcomes this Child’s Eye’s presentation of the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi. It is well researched and attractively presented’.

Dr. Indarjit Singh, Director of the Network of Sikh Organisations UK

‘Because the Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter are so well known, there is always a danger that they are presented in a ‘run of the mill ‘ way. This DVD brings a freshness to the festivals which is grounded in the reality of young children’s lives – very stimulating and positive’.

The Revd Dr. John Gay, Church of England’s Spokesperson on Education

‘Excellent! A clear and easy to understand introduction to Buddhism…..very well done!’

Venerable Chueh Yann Shih, International Buddhist Progress Society

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