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All Customers, prospective Customers and visitors (in so far as the context allows) to this Web Site in ordering any Goods from this website by placing any order agree to and accept these terms of business as set out here which apply to all pages of www.childseyemedia.com


1.1 “the Web Site” means the web site known as www.childseyemedia.com

1.2 “the Company” shall mean Childs Eye Media Limited who is the owner of www.childseyemedia.com

1.3 “You” means the person, firm, company or other organization who places an order for Goods with the Company

1.4 “the Goods” means all or any goods ordered by You from the Web Site.


2.1 You may order Goods from the Web Site by submitting a completed order form.

2.2 The Company will confirm acceptance of Your order by e-mail to the e-mail address You supply and the sending of this e-mail, whether or not the same is received by You, is confirmation of the details of the order and of the contract between the Parties.

2.3 The Company shall not be liable for any problems caused by You supplying faulty information or due to Your failure to make any particular specification.


3.1 The Price of the Goods shall be the price quoted on the Web Site at the time Your order is accepted. This means it is possible that the price may have increased since Your order was placed.

3.2 The Price of the Goods shall be inclusive of VAT but shall not be inclusive of delivery charges.

3.3 The delivery charges payable by You are exhibited on the Web Site and may vary from time to time and will vary depending on the place and method of delivery. The delivery charges payable by You shall be the delivery charges listed as appropriate to Your order at the time that order is accepted by the Company.

3.4 Payment for Goods shall be made at the time Your order is accepted and shall be by any credit card or other method of payment which the Company lists as acceptable as displayed on the Web Site.

3.5 In the event You are entitled to a refund such refund will usually be by means of credit to Your credit card if that is the method of payment used.


4.1 The Company shall arrange delivery of the Goods ordered by You via the method and to the address specified in the order form.

4.2 Orders will be dealt with as soon as the same are accepted and we aim to dispatch all orders within 7 days but please allow at least 28 days for delivery of Goods.

4.3 All products are subject to stock availability and may be withdrawn at any time. If you wish to check availability please call 0161 445 5115. If Your order cannot be fulfilled You can either have a credit note or a full refund.

4.4 Time of delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract.

4.5 In the event You fail to take delivery of the Goods ordered or fail to supply adequate instructions to facilitate delivery of Goods, the Company reserves the right to cancel Your order and to retain the Goods. In these circumstances the Company shall refund You the price paid for the Goods the Company is unable to deliver but is entitled to retain all charges made for delivery or attempted delivery.

4.6 In the event there is a problem or alleged problem with Goods ordered or delivered You agree to notify the Company within seven (7) working days of delivery in connection with any problem with Goods or within thirty (30) days of placement of Your order in the event of non-delivery of Goods.


5.1 As You are buying Goods by mail order/over the internet You may have a right of cancellation under the Distance Selling Regulations from time to time in force. Please note that these regulations do NOT apply to certain items including but not limited to videos, CDs and DVDs which have been opened.

5.2 If You do have a right of cancellation You may cancel an order by notifying the Company in writing no later than seven (7) days following Your receipt of the Goods provided You return the Goods to the Company in their original packaging and the Company will, if required, refund the cost of return postage.

5.3 The notification of cancellation must state Your order number and details and give reasons for cancellation.

5.4 Provided You comply with these terms the Company shall provide You with a refund for cancelled Goods within thirty (30) days of the Company’s receipt of the returned cancelled Goods.

5.5 You shall not be entitled to cancel any order in the event Goods have been opened or interfered with or used in any way which would make the Goods difficult to resell.

5.6 Other than as stated in these terms Goods may not be returned for any reason other than due to any breach of the consumer laws from time to time in force under which you may be entitled to a remedy e.g. the Goods are not what You ordered or the Goods are not of satisfactory quality.


6.1 Child’s Eye Media Ltd and www.childseyemedia.com , the registered trade marks/trading names of the Company and may not be used by any other party without the Company’s prior written consent.

6.2 All visual elements, screen layouts and material displayed on the Web Site is copyright to Child’s Eye Media Ltd. unless otherwise specified e.g. reports or extracts from journals/articles or is copyright to our technology or content providers.

6.3 You may view, print or download the contents of the Web Site for personal use but for no other purposes including but not limited to commercial use or re-publication.


7.1 The Company has used all reasonable endeavors ensuring the accuracy of information on the Web Site but provides no warranty or guarantee in respect of the information.

7.2 The information contained on the Web Site is in no way intended to replace expert advice and You are advised to seek expert advice if required.

7.3 The Company accepts no liability for any loss whether directly, indirectly or consequentially caused by You or any other persons relying on any information contained on the Web Site or in connection with any act or omission except in relation to death or personal injury proved to be caused by the Company’s negligence.

7.4 The Company makes no representations as to the adequacy or appropriateness of the Goods for Your Purpose.


8.1 The Company reserves the right to correct any error appearing in any description of any Goods or to withdraw such Goods from sale on the Web Site without incurring any liability to You.

8.2 Any descriptions relating to any Goods on the Web Site are only approximate and the Company may at any time with or without notice make any changes to such descriptions provided such changes do not materially affect the quality or performance of such Goods.


9.1 If you wish to contact the Company for any reason please write to:- Child’s Eye Media Ltd, The Old Bake House, 6 Burton Rd, Withington, Manchester M14 6UF

9.2 You may telephone Customer Services on 0161 445 5115

9.3 You may email us at info@childseyemedia.com


10.1 The confidentiality of Customers is a top priority at Childs Eye Media Ltd. Under no circumstances will personal information about Customers be shared, sold or provided to third parties unless Customers expressly give permission in writing for this.

10.2 Customers will be required to provide their delivery address, payment information and email address (to receive email confirmations) but this information will not be used in any way other than as described herein.

10.3 Customers’ information may be used to enable Child’s Eye Media Ltd. to customer requests, improve our site and functionality and to communicate with Customers.

10.4 Customers may remove themselves from any www.childseyemedia.com mailing list by sending an email to sales@childseyemedia.com. Please ensure that the email address used to send this email matches the email address You wish to remove. If you have any problems in connection with this please telephone Customer Services.


11.1 Any rights of third parties under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are hereby expressly agreed not to apply and any agreement made in connection with this site shall be strictly between You and the Company.

11.2 These terms shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales whose courts shall be the only courts of competent jurisdiction in the event of any dispute hereunder.

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