Festivals DVDs win prestigious Shap Award

Child’s Eye Media were delighted to receive the SHAP award, for ‘making an outstanding contribution to the teaching of world religions’, for their ‘Child’s Eye View of Festivals’ films at the annual Shap Awards ceremony.

Child’s Eye Media’s eight films, showing a child’s eye view of major religious and cultural festivals celebrated in the UK, were described as ‘absolutely wonderful’ by the panel that made the award. The films include Chinese New Year, the Hindu festival of Divali, the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr, the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, the Buddhist festival of Wesak and the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi. The films were originally made for children as young as three, but are now being used in teacher training and universities as well as in primary and nursery schools all over the country.

Each film each follows a young British child through the festival – in their home, place of worship, and in the community. ‘The films really capture the joy of the festivals – and the excitement of the young children. You really feel as if you are seeing through their eyes,’ said Shap’s Alan Brown. The films were all endorsed by the faith groups involved, including the Muslim Council of Britain, the Church of England, the Hindu Forum of Britain, the International Buddhist Progress Society, the Catholic Education Service, the Chinese in Britain Forum, the Menorah Synagogue and the Network of Sikh Organisations. The films have also won two major awards in the Practical Preschool Awards, and received glowing reviews in the educational press and from leading educationalists such as Professor Lesley Abbott, Director DfES Birth to Three Matters.

Bafta-award winning producer, Katy Jones, said ‘We are honoured to have received such a prestigious award. The films were a real pleasure to make – and we had a warm welcome from all the communities involved. We have also been delighted by the response of children to the films. Many parents and teachers have told us that they have become their children’s favourites – and they ask to watch them again and again, building up an impressive knowledge of world religions’.

Linda Mort, Child’s Eye Media’s Educational Director, said ‘Religion is a sensitive subject, and we worked closely with the faith groups to make sure that the films were right in every detail. We are thrilled that they have been so well received.’

For further info, go to www.shap.org.

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