About Us

Child’s Eye Media specialises in making innovative and highly engaging documentaries for young children. Produced by Bafta Award-winning producer, Katy Jones, and leading early years specialist Linda Mort, their unique films reflect a child’s eye view of the world.

Hugely enjoyable as well as informative, the programmes have received widespread acclaim, gaining many awards including the Royal Television Society Award for best educational programme for young children; Overall Winner of the Multimedia category of the Practical Preschool Awards 2009, and the prestigious Shap Award for making ‘an outstanding contribution to the teaching of world religions’.

Child’s Eye Media’s compilation DVD Plus range of films for schools, nurseries, playgroups and childminders, come with comprehensive digital handbooks, fully updated in line with the Revised EYFS framework, and KS1.

The DVDs Plus compilations are available:
Online at www.childseyemedia.com
By phone: 0161 445 5115
By Purchase Order: email PO to sales@childseyemedia.com

Child’s Eye Media’s Home learning range comprises single-title films (without digital handbooks) and are available: Online at www.childseyemedia.com

As well as beautifully crafted films, exciting role play outfits and festival story posters, Child’s Eye Media also produces specially designed educational resources to enhance children’s learning. These include unique story posters, and cleverly designed writing frames, linked to the films, to encourage writing through role play.

Work with charities:
Child’s Eye Media has also worked closely with numerous charities such as the Children’s Safety Education Foundation; Kidscape; Suzy Lamplugh Trust to create resources to promote children’s safety and well being, such as the award-winning Safer Strangers, Safer Buildings film, and the highly acclaimed Junior Citizen films.

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