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There is nothing else available quite like Child’s Eye Media’s films. They have been produced specifically to get children thinking, talking, imagining, playing and doing.

Young children are hungry for knowledge about the world around them, and keen to ‘map’ the world for themselves. They want to know how everything works, and why.

Child’s Eye Media’s award-winning productions are designed specially to stimulate their curiosity – and inspire their imaginations.

Made by Bafta Award-winning producer Katy Jones and early years specialist, Linda Mort, they combine high production values with a real understanding of the way children learn and what they find fascinating about the world.

Child’s Eye’s Films are:

  • Totally engaging

    Countless parents have told us that their children prefer Child’s Eye Media’s films to watching traditional character-based animations, because they focus on the real world, and feature children just like them. As child psychologist, Hannah Mortimer has said, they are ‘made with children, for children, through the eyes of children’. The films are all led by young children (aged between 2 and 7) exploring the world around them, and young viewers readily identify with them, and imagine themselves in their roles. Educational consultant John Dabell said in the Times Educational Supplement ‘What makes the films so powerful is the role given to children... Superb!’.

  • Educational

    The films are highly educational as well as hugely enjoyable. They have won numerous educational awards, and are being used in thousands of schools and nurseries throughout the country to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. But they are also fun. Child’s Eye Media understand that children need to be engaged in a real ‘story’ if they are to take in facts and develop their thinking.

  • Packed with fascinating details

    The films focus on the real-life people, jobs, family life, celebrations and everyday events that intrigue children, as they come to discover and make sense of the world. They also feature the kinds of tiny details that fascinate them - the sink on the side of a refuse truck, the equipment used by a dentist, the pocket book carried by a police officer – with the facts skillfully woven into stories that engage young children and stimulate their natural curiosity.

  • Carefully narrated

    The narration of Child’s Eye Media’s films by Michael Spencer has been much praised. Using a rich vocabulary, real sentences and gentle humour, the films are narrated at just the right level and pace for young children to understand. Children watching Child’s Eye Media’s films immediately identify with the real children featured and can’t stop themselves from talking about them! They notice how they’re the same, or not the same, and are keen to spot things they’ve seen in the films when ‘out and about’ eg recycling wagons and beach safety flags. They also enjoy using the new words they’ve picked up from the narration, such as ‘hydrants’, often in their own imaginative play inspired by the films.

  • A refreshing alternative to puppets
    and animation

    A recent OFCOM review noted the crisis in British children’s television, and the lack of home-grown, factual children’s programmes.

    Child’s Eye Media’s educational specialist, Linda Mort, comments ‘Young children learn only gradually how to differentiate between what is real and what is not real on television. They can become confused by watching too many animations with dazzling effects, and by the lightning pace of some tv programmess which do not allow children time to think. Child’s Eye’s films, however, are a ‘window on the world’, allowing children the time and mental space to watch, think about and come to understand the intriguing world around them... Children cannot learn about the world from television alone, of course. It is vital that they have first-hand experience of the real world, but television has an important role to play in helping them to consolidate their understanding and to extend it into new contexts. This can be achieved only if the subject and presentation are carefully matched to a child’s levels of understanding’

  • Inspiring

    As well as a ‘live action’, documentary, each film also includes an innovative ‘school’ section which shows children enjoying role play, singing and lots of fun activities related to the theme of each film. These sections have proved hugely popular with children, and many parents and teachers have told us that after watching the films, children are inspired to build their own ‘recycling wagon’ or ‘dentist’s surgery’ and make up their own role play scenarios based on what they’ve seen.


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