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A child’s eye view of keeping myself safe - including an empowering

strategy to deal with stranger danger

These multi-award winning films have been devised specially to get tricky messages across to children without worrying them.

Positive and empowering, the films are shot from a child’s eye view – and weave important messages about safety into a series of delightful stories featuring young children. From what to do if you get lost – to the Green Cross Code - the films are a great way to get children thinking about how they can help keep themselves safe. Endorsed by the Children's Safety Education Foundation, Kidscape, the RNLI, Think Road Safety campaign and the Fire Kills campaign.

As well as documentaries shot from the child’s eye view, the DVD includes fun ‘school sections’ with role play, singing and games. The four films are:

  • Road Safety
  • What to do if you get lost or feel unsafe on the streets

  • Fire and Fireworks Safety
  • Beach and Sun Safety
  • Running time: 78 minutes

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