Comments by the experts to support
the campaign:

‘Little Angels’ Psychologist Dr Tanya Byron
(author of the Byron review) :

‘The ‘Safer strangers, safer buildings’ campaign offers a positive, empowering alternative to ‘stranger danger’ and is appropriate even for young children. I fully endorse the campaign, and would encourage all children to watch the ‘Teigan gets lost’ film and download the code with their parents and carers. They can then use them as tools to work out their own strategies for keeping safe – including identifying the safer strangers and safer buildings in their own areas.’

Steven Gauge,
Chief Executive of Suzy Lamplugh Trust:

‘Suzy Lamplugh Trust are delighted to support the Safer Strangers, Safer Buildings campaign. This is a positive, simple safety message that can easily be understood by young children without alarming them. This knowledge will not only make them safer but will give them the extra confidence of learning something new and valuable to them.’

Michele Elliott,
Executive Director, Kidscape:

‘We know from our work at Kidscape how frightening it is for both children and parents when a child gets lost.  Even more terrifying to parents is the thought that a child might be abducted. Teaching young children about such safety issues needs to be done sensitively and in a low key manner which is entertaining, fun and age appropriate.  This  'Safer strangers, safer buildings' programme is all those things and we welcome it. ‘

Sue Palmer,
best selling author of ‘Toxic childhood’:

‘In an increasingly risk-averse world, it’s all too easy for parents to think the only way to protect their children is to keep them ‘safe at home’. But children stuck at home miss out on essential real-life learning. As they get older they need to play out, without too much supervision. … The best way parents can help children stay safe is to teach them how to cope with danger, through their own example and by giving simple rules – and making sure children know and remember them.’


Liam McGurrin,
of the Children’s Safety Education Foundation:

‘The advice delivered by this campaign could help save children’s lives. Many children are so frightened of strangers that they panic when they lose their parents, even if it’s only for a brief period of time. By giving the children a straightforward common sense strategy for what to do if they get lost, this initiative could save families a lot of anxiety and worry.  “Safer Strangers, Safer Buildings presents a positive alternative to the more dominant ‘stranger danger’ messages, which can make children over anxious about the perceived risk from all strangers.  Educationalists, politicians and parents are now beginning to realise that something more positive is needed if we are to encourage our children to be independent and make sensible decisions for themselves,  rather than keep them ‘ wrapped in cotton wool.’
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